Paul-Eric Licari invites us to the movies: projection of the Rooms Division Manager’s job

The Sanctum Soho in London... This charming hotel, full of character is where Paul-Eric Licari, who graduated from Vatel Lyon in 2010, has been working as Rooms Division Manager for the past three years.

Paul-Eric Licari invites us to the movies: projection of the Rooms Division Manager’s job

The Sanctum Soho is an elegant hotel in the West End of London with thirty rooms, a rooftop garden with an outdoor spa, and it even has its own cinema!


This charming hotel, full of character is where Paul-Eric Licari, who graduated from Vatel Lyon in 2010, has been working as Rooms Division Manager for the past three years.


Paul-Eric, how did this story between you and Vatel begin?

I first heard about Vatel from word of mouth; then I went to an Open House Day in Vatel Nimes. That is what triggered my decision to enroll in their Master’s Degree program. Because there are many Vatel Schools in France, I was able to study in Lyon. I’ve got great memories of the time I spent at Vatel. Our class was a very eclectic one with positive and professional dynamics. Our professors were very close and supporting for these three years.


My first internship took place in Vietnam, in the Hanoi Sofitel Hotel.  I was in charge of rolling out the new Sofitel Luxury Hotel standards in the F&B department that included two restaurants, two kitchens and two bars. For my second internship, I was in Brussels at the Hotel Amigo, in the reservations and revenue management department.


And then what happened?

I had a job offer at the Hotel Amigo for a six-month replacement contract in the same department. When I finished this, they offered me the job of Sales Manager, but I preferred a job offer of Reservations Manager in London. Then I was promoted internally until the job I now have.




What exactly does the Rooms Division Manager do?

This job can differ greatly from one hotel to another one. I personally have a lot of different tasks, as I work in a small hotel.

I manage:

the front desk


our room pricing and sales strategy


I also work with:

accounts for the rooms budget and

marketing for projects to develop and expand our company.


What advice could you give to Vatel students who also would like to work in England?

I’d advise them to come with fluent English, humility and patience because they’re not going to skip any steps in England. If they want to work in a large company, they’re going to have to start off at the bottom. On the other hand, working in smaller companies will allow them to have more responsibilities faster.


What differences have you noted between French and English managerial styles?

As labor laws are much more liberal in England, employers have more power and this can generate extra pressure for employees.




What are you short, mid and long-term projects?

In 2014 I’d like to leave to work in Singapore for an online travel agent. In the long term, I’d like to work in corporate management of a large hotel chain.