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Learning with professionals - Vatel

Learning with professionals

With schools throughout the world, nearly four decades of development, the art of hospitality raised to its highest level... And at the heart of the curriculum that made the group’s world recognition: the professors, heralds of Vatel pedagogy.


In all Vatel schools in the world, professors in practical application courses and academic courses are recruited because of their professio­nalism.

Vatel teaching teams are made up equally of university professors and professionals, “very good professionals whom we teach how to teach,” sums up Dov Sebban, the Vatel Paris and Vatel Brussels General Director. Learning how to teach means learning how to manage young adults and understanding the progressive charac­ter of subjects being taught. Only experienced professionals instinctively know what’s impor­tant in their jobs and what really matters. 

Our inter­nationally recognized curriculum com­plies with growing technical and cross-cultural requirements.

“We always have our curriculum and courses validated by professionals we know throughout the world. Because we tour many schools, uni­versities and fairs, we’re continuously aware of the educational innovations.

Dynamics are also created between our Group’s schools. And the new schools know how to take advantage of the experience that the older schools can give them. Partner university professors have also played a key role in putting together our inter­nationally recognized curriculum, which com­plies with growing technical and cross-cultural requirements.

Without forgetting the role that Vatel’s academic board plays and our annual convention where all the heads of studies can meet,” adds Alain Sebban. 

New consumer preferences, upheavals in the hospitality market, sustainable develop­ment imperatives, changes in managerial techniques... New types of consumption are appearing. Students must be prepared to become players in these underlying developments. Who is better able than professionals who are working to bring them pragmatic answers and help them to hone their professional projects in an ever-changing world?

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